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Take a look at the questions and answers below to see if your question is there. If there’s something else on your mind, feel free to get in touch with us.

How do I clean my Cage Tags?

Our Cage Tags are designed to be reusable.  A Cage Tag Cleaning Sponge or melamine sponge will erase Sharpie Marker without removing the Cage Tag text.  

SoySolv Graffiti Remover and other harsh cleaning products are not intended for use on our new credit card sized Cage Tags as it may remove all the printing.  These cleaners do work well on our Breeding Boards, Barn Boards, Doe Breeding Records, and 3x5 and 2-1/2x4 Tags.

What should I write on my Cage Tags with?

Our Cage Tags are designed to be written on with a Sharpie Marker. Your data is permanent on the tag until you want to remove it!  


We prefer Ultra Fine point Sharpies because the writing tends to be easier to read.  

We encourage you not to use a dry erase marker!  Breeding records and other important data can be mistakenly wiped away if you bump up again a tag written on with Dry Erase marker.

We can not insure reusability of our Cage Tags if you use Industrial grade Sharpies or other permanent markers.

What is new about our Cage Tags?

Our Cage Tags have recently been redesigned.  We now use a PVC plastic tag that is the size and thickness of a credit card.  The new size allows us to increase our text size for better readability and allows you more room to write.  The glossy smooth texture of the tag allows for easy cleaning with a melamine type sponge, so there is no longer the need for messy liquid cleaners.

It also allows us to offer you larger array of eye-popping colors.

Lastly, the new change allows us to print custom tags on demand at a low price with no minimum quantities at very reasonable prices.

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